A short commute from Central London can lead, until April 9th, to a new foodies’ destination. Head to Kensington Olympia for the Eat&Drink Festival 2017 – as we did on the weekend – and get ready to meet over 100 exhibitors, discover new trends and – here comes the part everyone loves – enjoy tasty samples from the finest Artisan Producers in the country.



Supported by major experts in the Food industry (Hello, Foodism!), the newest Food Festival in London certainly promises to have something for every type of Foodie (want to check which one is yours? Head here for a full identikit and list of gifts they are going to LOVE).

You can take part to live cooking demonstrations in the Foodie Lab, enjoy signature dishes served in a cosy olive grove or simply have a feast among the food trucks at The Great Eat (with such a name, we signed up in no time).

And, as no meal is complete without a glass to wash it off, you can’t skip the Drinks station, where expert mixologists will help you pair your Street Food fav with the perfect wine, beer or cocktail. Special mention goes to the Rosé Club, a lovely blossoming bar terrace that will make you want to try all of the 50 Shades of Rosé.


Happy Festival Season,

L’atelier des Chefs team


Eat&Drink Festival – Kensington Olympia until April 9th. See more and book tickets here

There is a reason why Mother’s Day always falls on a Sunday, and this reason is that mothers deserve a long, un-rushed, made-by-someone-else breakfast in bed at least once a year as a treat on their special day.

So this Sunday it’s on you, for once, to get up, sleeves up, and cook breakfast… and no risk of sleep deprivation here, as we have worked out 4 recipes that you can whip up in maximum 30 minutes, or you can even get ready in advance.

  1. Chobani yogurt pot with granola, honey and caramelised apples

Revisit the classic yoghurt-for-breakfast habit by adding a homemade granola and apples mix. Rich in flavour and nutrients, a great part of this recipe can be prepared in advance, leaving you just the task to choose a nice pot or glass to assemble your creation in on the morning.

yogurt pot granola


2. Strawberry and fresh mint smoothie

Show your mum you got the importance of “5 a day” by blending a fresh smoothie just for her (but try not to wake her up while the food processor – very loudly – works its magic).

3. Muffins with grapes and marzipan

Add texture to your mum’s breakfast with these Muffins with grapes and marzipan. The muffin recipe is adaptable to any combination of ingredients you want to use, but the choice of red grapes right at the heart of your muffin and the marzipan will just step up your game. Fancy, right?

4. Poached egg and toasted muffin with Parma ham

Here comes the Egg of Columbus. If you and your mum ever had a dispute over your cooking skills being limited – in her opinion – just to eggs, now it’s the perfect chance to show her that eggs may be easy, but not everyone may be up for the challenge.

A pivotal moment for every pro-chef in the making, this poached egg-based savoury dish has got the power to posh up her breakfast on Mother’s Day.

Preparation time: 5 minutes (times the number of attempts you may need to get the egg right).


Disclaimer: we know you make her happy every day, so this breakfast is just the chance to go the extra mile. And once the morning is set on this note, why not continuing with a day of fun spent together? Check out our Mother’s Day schedule, which includes the mighty Greek Feast Masterclass and join us in the kitchen this Sunday with your mum. Alternatively, offer her the gift of cooking with our Gift Card and choose a more convenient time for you two to attend a tasty class.


Happy Mother’s Day,

L’atelier des Chefs team

egg heart

This Monday say bye to post-weekend blues and Bonjour! to free Macaroons! To celebrate World Macaron Day, on March 20th, colourful Macaroons shells will flood out our St Paul’s kitchen and be offered to the public along with mouth-watering fillings and short demonstration to compose tasty heavenly bites.

Join us from 12 in our City venue to mix&match shells and pair them with a choice of lavish fillings, including Salted Butter Caramel and Dark Chocolate. Then pipe, twist, and delight your taste buds with a delicate chef d’œuvre!
Want the magic last for longer? Don’t skip the visit to our store, where you will find the essential Macaron Making kit on offer with a 30% off. And if the Macaron Making demonstration gives you a taste for more, we’ll treat everyone who ventures in with a 10% off the price of our Gift Cards.
The perfect, but not exclusively, Mother’s Day idea!




Allez, on y va!
World Macaron Day free pop- up, Monday 20th March, 10 Foster Lane, from 12.

When is the last time you have eaten?

If your answer is ‘last night’ as you have skipped breakfast this morning, it may be why you are feeling down right now. In fact, not only your body is resorting to its energy reserves to keep you going, but the low blood sugar in your body is also responsible for your mood swings.

Although in this case eating can be a (quite self-explanatory) solution, the results of a study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology prove, surprisingly, that cooking can have the same soothing effects of enjoying a nice meal itself.

A case study conducted among 650 people over two weeks, in fact, has shown increased levels of positive feelings in those subjects who performed daily creative activities – one of the most common, no need to say, being cooking. Who doesn’t burst in pride at the sight of a baking triumph?

And if actually cooking still feels quite an ambitious plan to you, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other creative ways you can relax in the kitchen. One of them is by tradition kneading the dough. So how about a very much hands on Bread Making session?

bread making class

Happy relaxing cooking,

L’atelier des Chefs team

Join us on Tuesday 28th February to celebrate National Pancake Day in sweetness! We will be hosting a free pop-up and hand out freshly made complimentary pancakes to all those passing by our venue in Foster Lane between 12 and 12.30.

Whether you prefer them sweet or savoury, don’t miss the chance to enjoy one this Shrove Tuesday, and to steal a few tricks of the trade from our Chefs. Moreover, juicy discounts for your next class will be up for grab, and you can always allow yourself a browse in our cookery shop (a brand new Tefal set, fine professional knife from Zwilling or handy and colourful kitchen utensils anyone?).


Come along and get ready to flip some pancakes!  Tuesday 28th February, 10 Foster Lane, from noon.

Check out our Head Chef’s top Pancake & Crepes recipes.

With the most anticipated Award Night of the year coming up this Sunday February 26th, there’s something, beyond all the haute couture dresses, red carpet appearances and, of course, winners, we can’t wait to know more of: what will celebrities eat at the Oscars after party?


First and foremost, apparently, loads of food. The menu designed by Chef Wolfgang Puck, who has been in charge of catering for the Governors Ball (AKA the glamorous Oscars after party) for over 20 years, is three pages long – and decadent, to say the least.

Around 1500 guests are expected to join the dinner and, talking from experience, Chef Puck expects them to be starving: busy getting ready for the red carpet, “They might have had an espresso, a cup of tea in the morning. That was it. So they are all really hungry”. Luckily, the starters menu only counts over 50 small plates and one-bite chefs d’œuvre, ranging from lobster corn dogs to assorted pizzas, and from gold-dusted truffle popcorn to a what sounds very promising Taro Root Taco with Shrimp, Mango, Avocado and, Chipotle Aioli.

Moving on to desserts, we can’t wait to see snaps of the Lava cakes, and there are going to be Oscar-shaped Caramel Cappuccino Lollipops to please the sweet tooth of the unsuccessful nominees.

The preview sounds delicious indeed, and the Oscars dinner will probably also be the occasion for many celebrities to break free from the restrictions and diets they followed to be ready for their parts. The super favourite for Best Actress, Emma Stone, for example, declared she cut carbs out of her diet whilst on the set of La La Land - something that the Italian in me would never do, not even for an Oscar.

That’s why, while on Sunday the world will be in turmoil to find out who “The winner is…”, I will be joining the Southern Italian Themed Masterclass. And remember, Emma: pasta is a great comfort food. Just in case.

Happy Oscars Night,


L’atelier des Chefs Team

Love is in the air…and, as we are entering Valentine Week, here’s our guide of Perfect Gifts to your  Valentine. Just what type of Foodie is yours?

For the Foodie-tech: a Staybowlizer from L’atelier des Chefs cookery shop. Is the special Foodie in your life always on top of the game when it comes to new gadgets and kitchen utensils? Then they are going to love the revolution the Staybowlizer will bring to their everyday cooking. A third hand in the kitchen, ”Staybowlizer is a device that is used to secure bowls of all shapes and sizes from unwanted movement”. Handy, right?

staybowlizerStaybowlizer, on sale at L’atelier des Chefs, £19.95. Images and text from www.staybowlizer.com

For the Foodie-connoisseur : a subscription to a food magazine. If your favourite foodie loves to be always up to date with new food trends, a subscription to a food magazine sounds like the perfect Valentine’s gift. You can sign up online and a fresh new issue (with those beautiful and mouth-watering pictures of food on the cover) will be delivered to their door every month. Two of our favs at the moment are Foodism and Delicious Magazine.


For the Food(ie) critic: a food journal. Is every dinner you share accurately sounded out, and every detail meticulously taken into account to rate the overall experience? Then it’s probably time to nurture your Valentine’s esprit critique with the gift of a food journal. Perfect to keep track of places you’ve tried, as well as new openings and intriguing dining experiences to check out, we are sure that with this gift you are going to win your partner’s heart – again.

For every type of Foodie: a L’atelier des Chefs gift cardBecause they are just going to love the thrill of being in a professional kitchen! Choose the format and class duration you wish to offer and order your gift card from here or pop in one of our venues. Furthermore, buy before February 14th and get 15% off with code VAL15!




Happy Valentine’s,

L’atelier des Chefs team

Welcome back Foodies to the L’atelier des Chefs blog! As we prepare to say goodbye to the first month of the new year, February already promises to bring many joyous occasions to delight yourself and your loved ones with the results of your cooking efforts.


February 2nd is the day when the Candlemas falls and your sweet tooth won’t be disappointed. Think of it as a warm up to Shrove Tuesday! This celebration, means Feast of candles, has an ancient Roman background, before acquiring a religious meaning under the Christianity. In the Middle Ages it also represented a ritual of well-wishing for a prosperous harvest, as this was the time of the year when the winter crop would start, and the fact that the days start getting longer.

The traditional dessert to serve on Candlemas is a typical French crêpe. The round shape and golden colour of the crêpe, in fact, resemble the sun as well as the aura that surrounds candlelight.

For the occasion, we have given a look to our French crêpes recipes  and we have picked these juicy and boozy Crêpes Suzettes with Grand Marnier, ready to flip in no time!

Enjoy & Happy Candlemas,

L’atelier des Chefs team

Enjoy your own bespoke cooking experience with a dedicated personal chef. L’atelier des Chefs is proud to be the UK’s most popular cookery school! Located in the heart of London, last year we taught over 30,000 people how to master a wide range of cuisines and skills.

logo door small

Pick a menu from our class themes or build your own personal class with the help of our Head Chef and enjoy some one-to-one tuition or with a group of friends (up to 4 people). Our chefs excel in knowledge, skills and techniques as well as being relaxed and personable to create a fun learning environment.

“The chef was experienced, knowledgeable, confident and efficient. Giving tips which I will value greatly in the future”… check out more reviews from our happy customers on Trustpilot and TripAdvisor.

Private class package details

  • Up to 4 people
  • £350 per hour
  • Choose your own class menu
  • Professional Chef
  • State-of-the-art kitchens
  • Allergies and dietary requirements can be accounted for
  • Hosted at our Oxford Circus venue

To start building your culinary adventure, contact our private bookings manager Caitriona O’Connor on 020 7499 6580 or email caitriona@atelierdeschefs.co.uk

Whilst many of us have waved goodbye to 2016 a few weeks ago and are now dealing with the holiday aftermath, the numerous Chinese communities all over the globe have yet to start their celebrations. Chinese New Year, which falls every year on a different date because of a discrepancy between lunar and solar calendar, is a hotly anticipated festive occasion believed to set the course of the following 12 months. That’s why all the foods served to the table over the holidays have a symbolic, well-wishing meaning. Something you want to consider next time you order your dim sum!

Longevity Noodles – Happiness and Longevity

Longevity noodles represent the wish of living a long, healthy life. Made out of eggs and shaped on purpose longer than usual noodles, they are, for the meaning they bear, not supposed to be cut or broken by the cook. They can be served fried or boiled in innumerable variations – browse our recipe book for some inspiration!


Chinese dumplings – Wealth and Luck

With a history of almost 2000 years, many beliefs and traditions revolve around dumplings, but they are all usually related to the idea of prosperity and good fortune. In order to achieve these, though, the tradition requires not only to eat plenty of dumplings on Chinese New Year, but also to follow a ritual during the preparation of the dumplings.  First of all, when making dumplings there should be a good number of pleats, as a flat dumpling purports poverty. Also, dumplings should be arranged in lines instead of circles, for circles symbolise a life that will go round without getting anywhere. Fancy give it a try? Join one of our Thai&Asian classes.

Street Food Experience

Sweet rice balls – Family togetherness

This popular dessert, composed of rice balls served in sweet syrup or a broth, symbolizes the family brought together during the holidays. Millions of people in China, in fact, embark on journeys that often last several days to join their loved ones for the celebrations.

Curious to find out more about Chinese New Year and to test your skills at dumplings? Our Chefs will cook up a storm at Westfield next weekend with our mobile kitchen, hosting free to join demonstrations. Pop along and see us there!

Happy Chinese New Year,

L’atelier des Chefs team