With the most anticipated Award Night of the year coming up this Sunday February 26th, there’s something, beyond all the haute couture dresses, red carpet appearances and, of course, winners, we can’t wait to know more of: what will celebrities eat at the Oscars after party?


First and foremost, apparently, loads of food. The menu designed by Chef Wolfgang Puck, who has been in charge of catering for the Governors Ball (AKA the glamorous Oscars after party) for over 20 years, is three pages long – and decadent, to say the least.

Around 1500 guests are expected to join the dinner and, talking from experience, Chef Puck expects them to be starving: busy getting ready for the red carpet, “They might have had an espresso, a cup of tea in the morning. That was it. So they are all really hungry”. Luckily, the starters menu only counts over 50 small plates and one-bite chefs d’œuvre, ranging from lobster corn dogs to assorted pizzas, and from gold-dusted truffle popcorn to a what sounds very promising Taro Root Taco with Shrimp, Mango, Avocado and, Chipotle Aioli.

Moving on to desserts, we can’t wait to see snaps of the Lava cakes, and there are going to be Oscar-shaped Caramel Cappuccino Lollipops to please the sweet tooth of the unsuccessful nominees.

The preview sounds delicious indeed, and the Oscars dinner will probably also be the occasion for many celebrities to break free from the restrictions and diets they followed to be ready for their parts. The super favourite for Best Actress, Emma Stone, for example, declared she cut carbs out of her diet whilst on the set of La La Land - something that the Italian in me would never do, not even for an Oscar.

That’s why, while on Sunday the world will be in turmoil to find out who “The winner is…”, I will be joining the Southern Italian Themed Masterclass. And remember, Emma: pasta is a great comfort food. Just in case.

Happy Oscars Night,


L’atelier des Chefs Team

Love is in the air…and, as we are entering Valentine Week, here’s our guide of Perfect Gifts to your  Valentine. Just what type of Foodie is yours?

For the Foodie-tech: a Staybowlizer from L’atelier des Chefs cookery shop. Is the special Foodie in your life always on top of the game when it comes to new gadgets and kitchen utensils? Then they are going to love the revolution the Staybowlizer will bring to their everyday cooking. A third hand in the kitchen, ”Staybowlizer is a device that is used to secure bowls of all shapes and sizes from unwanted movement”. Handy, right?

staybowlizerStaybowlizer, on sale at L’atelier des Chefs, £19.95. Images and text from www.staybowlizer.com

For the Foodie-connoisseur : a subscription to a food magazine. If your favourite foodie loves to be always up to date with new food trends, a subscription to a food magazine sounds like the perfect Valentine’s gift. You can sign up online and a fresh new issue (with those beautiful and mouth-watering pictures of food on the cover) will be delivered to their door every month. Two of our favs at the moment are Foodism and Delicious Magazine.


For the Food(ie) critic: a food journal. Is every dinner you share accurately sounded out, and every detail meticulously taken into account to rate the overall experience? Then it’s probably time to nurture your Valentine’s esprit critique with the gift of a food journal. Perfect to keep track of places you’ve tried, as well as new openings and intriguing dining experiences to check out, we are sure that with this gift you are going to win your partner’s heart – again.

For every type of Foodie: a L’atelier des Chefs gift cardBecause they are just going to love the thrill of being in a professional kitchen! Choose the format and class duration you wish to offer and order your gift card from here or pop in one of our venues. Furthermore, buy before February 14th and get 15% off with code VAL15!




Happy Valentine’s,

L’atelier des Chefs team

Welcome back Foodies to the L’atelier des Chefs blog! As we prepare to say goodbye to the first month of the new year, February already promises to bring many joyous occasions to delight yourself and your loved ones with the results of your cooking efforts.


February 2nd is the day when the Candlemas falls and your sweet tooth won’t be disappointed. Think of it as a warm up to Shrove Tuesday! This celebration, means Feast of candles, has an ancient Roman background, before acquiring a religious meaning under the Christianity. In the Middle Ages it also represented a ritual of well-wishing for a prosperous harvest, as this was the time of the year when the winter crop would start, and the fact that the days start getting longer.

The traditional dessert to serve on Candlemas is a typical French crêpe. The round shape and golden colour of the crêpe, in fact, resemble the sun as well as the aura that surrounds candlelight.

For the occasion, we have given a look to our French crêpes recipes  and we have picked these juicy and boozy Crêpes Suzettes with Grand Marnier, ready to flip in no time!

Enjoy & Happy Candlemas,

L’atelier des Chefs team

Enjoy your own bespoke cooking experience with a dedicated personal chef. L’atelier des Chefs is proud to be the UK’s most popular cookery school! Located in the heart of London, last year we taught over 30,000 people how to master a wide range of cuisines and skills.

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Pick a menu from our class themes or build your own personal class with the help of our Head Chef and enjoy some one-to-one tuition or with a group of friends (up to 4 people). Our chefs excel in knowledge, skills and techniques as well as being relaxed and personable to create a fun learning environment.

“The chef was experienced, knowledgeable, confident and efficient. Giving tips which I will value greatly in the future”… check out more reviews from our happy customers on Trustpilot and TripAdvisor.

Private class package details

  • Up to 4 people
  • £350 per hour
  • Choose your own class menu
  • Professional Chef
  • State-of-the-art kitchens
  • Allergies and dietary requirements can be accounted for
  • Hosted at our Oxford Circus venue

To start building your culinary adventure, contact our private bookings manager Caitriona O’Connor on 020 7499 6580 or email caitriona@atelierdeschefs.co.uk

Whilst many of us have waved goodbye to 2016 a few weeks ago and are now dealing with the holiday aftermath, the numerous Chinese communities all over the globe have yet to start their celebrations. Chinese New Year, which falls every year on a different date because of a discrepancy between lunar and solar calendar, is a hotly anticipated festive occasion believed to set the course of the following 12 months. That’s why all the foods served to the table over the holidays have a symbolic, well-wishing meaning. Something you want to consider next time you order your dim sum!

Longevity Noodles – Happiness and Longevity

Longevity noodles represent the wish of living a long, healthy life. Made out of eggs and shaped on purpose longer than usual noodles, they are, for the meaning they bear, not supposed to be cut or broken by the cook. They can be served fried or boiled in innumerable variations – browse our recipe book for some inspiration!


Chinese dumplings – Wealth and Luck

With a history of almost 2000 years, many beliefs and traditions revolve around dumplings, but they are all usually related to the idea of prosperity and good fortune. In order to achieve these, though, the tradition requires not only to eat plenty of dumplings on Chinese New Year, but also to follow a ritual during the preparation of the dumplings.  First of all, when making dumplings there should be a good number of pleats, as a flat dumpling purports poverty. Also, dumplings should be arranged in lines instead of circles, for circles symbolise a life that will go round without getting anywhere. Fancy give it a try? Join one of our Thai&Asian classes.

Street Food Experience

Sweet rice balls – Family togetherness

This popular dessert, composed of rice balls served in sweet syrup or a broth, symbolizes the family brought together during the holidays. Millions of people in China, in fact, embark on journeys that often last several days to join their loved ones for the celebrations.

Curious to find out more about Chinese New Year and to test your skills at dumplings? Our Chefs will cook up a storm at Westfield next weekend with our mobile kitchen, hosting free to join demonstrations. Pop along and see us there!

Happy Chinese New Year,

L’atelier des Chefs team

New Year, new start and new resolutions to stick to! How are yours going so far? We’ve looked at the most popular and here are our suggestions on how to really stick to them.

Dry January. “No more cocktails”….said no one ever! The festive season, with all its toasts and flute clinking may be behind us, but dry January drinks don’t have to be dull. Be it a party, a catch up with friends or just saying goodbye to another work week, there’s plenty of chances for your Dry January to fall foul. So we’ve got the perfect booze-free alternative to brighten up your January with Chef Dahlia’s Summertime Cordial recipe, perfect base for a lovely evening mocktail!


Healthy Eating. Eating healthier is one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions and it is also considered an essential step for a detox routine after the holiday indulgence. Although of course necessities change depending on personal history and lifestyle, the so-called Superfood revolution can help you significantly improve your eating habits and boost your mood and energy levels, especially in winter. Browse our website for some healthy inspiration (like the mighty apricot, date and sultana granola bar recipe) or join us for a Superfood and Healthy Eating class.

Saving. OK, this can be a tough one. There is a world of social occasions and dining experiences revolving around food and eating out, and certainly you wouldn’t want your resolution to become an obstacle to your social life. Nor we would accept to compromise the quality of the ingredients for a cheaper deal.  With a few good tips, though, the goal of saving on your meals (especially those you can prepare home instead of ordering take-away) already becomes more achievable. Watch this brilliant tutorial by our partner Tefal to learn how to plan better and maximise the results of your cooking efforts.

We hope all these tips on how to really stick to your New Year’s Resolutions can help you keep on track, well until March at least!

Happy New Year,

L’atelier des Chefs team

Who honestly chooses the first option when you’re asked “Trick or Treat”!? Halloween is approaching fast and our Chefs have whipped up some spooky recipes for you to whip up.

Ghost Meringues: Ready, steady, pipe! Just follow this simple meringue recipe that requires minimum effort in decoration for a great result! Pipe the meringue on a baking sheet and transfer to the oven. When the puffs are ready and cooled down proceed with the decoration.


Wicked Cupcakes: ‘The witches are back!’ (from the West). Transform some ordinary Chocolate cupcakes in a replica of the Green Witch of OZ. Just add some green food colouring to the frosting and pipe on a chocolate muffin to make the witch’s face. Then top with a cone-shaped piece of cupcake. Wicked!


Halloween Macaroons: Fancy raising the bar? Test your pastry skills with these Halloween-themed Macaroons. Use orange food colouring for the shells and dark chocolate ganache for the filling for a great contrast. For the decorations, put any leftover from the ganache to good use, or choose some black edible colour markers. Are Macaroons a trick AND a treat at the same time? Brush up your skills with one of our classes.


For the more experimental – Pumpkin cheesecake: Ok, let’s say you are going for dinner at your friends’ and don’t want to show off your GBBO skills. Or just don’t want to admit how into Halloween you are. This Pumpkin and Orange cheesecake will win their hearts anyway (even if definitely less cute than the little sisters of the Wicked Witch of the West).

Pumpkin cheesecake in autumn setting

Not scary enough for you? Share with us your Halloween creations pictures using hashtag #AdcFun. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.

Scary Halloween,

L’atelier des Chefs team

Christmas has arrived at L’Atelier des Chefs with our brand new Christmas Baking class!

The two hour class begins with a Christmas classic – homemade mince pies. A simple shortcrust pastry is rolled out and filled with traditional ‘mincemeat’ (a delicious mixture of dried fruits, spices and brandy) then topped with crumble for a twist on the traditional pastry topping.


While the mince pies bake, filling the kitchen with their spicy aroma, the next step is to make the Yule Log. This rich chocolate sponge is baked and the rolled with creamy chocolate ganache.

If this isn’t enough chocolate for those of you with a sweet tooth, then the decadent spiced hot chocolate should satisfy any cravings. How can you go wrong with chocolate, double cream and milk, accompanied by a scrumptious sable biscuits on the side?

The final festive recipe, and one of the highlights of the class, is the mulled wine doughnuts. It’s impossible not to enjoy the doughnut-making process, from playing with the soft dough, to rolling the steaming hot doughnuts in cinnamon sugar and finally watching them expand as they’re piped full with mulled wine jam and fresh custard (homemade of course!).


After the class, all of these delicious festive treats can be taken home to share with family and friends, packed up as a tasty gift – or you can keep it all for yourself!

Book your Christmas Baking class here and impress all your friends and family this festive season.

You only need to mention the word cake in the L’atelier des Chefs kitchen and before you know it the whole team is grabbing a fork ready to taste whatever the chef has made. We are definitely a group of foodies that given half a chance would eat cake anytime of the day. But as we actually do have to get some work done we tend save these moments for special occasions: birthdays, promotions, engagements, Fridays, Mondays, Tuesdays, tea breaks (I think you get the idea). So let’s just say I was the envy of my colleagues’ sweet tooth (sweet teeth?!) when this Baked in Style event with Neff and Curry’s came up.


So after a week of replacing our ovens with fancy news ones from Neff (yes, those ones with the magical disappearing doors that you’ve seen on the Great British Bake Off!) the L’atelier des Chefs kitchen was ready for a wave of bloggers excited to enjoy an afternoon of baking. Now after some initial GBBO chat and competitive talk, our bloggers were ready to start baking with our Chef Fabricio. The show-stopping recipe was a moreish hazelnut torte that filled the room with delicious smells that I am sure would make Mel, Sue, Paul and Mary flock.

Once the baking was complete, the styling expert Mademoiselle Poirot held an intimate lesson on how to capture that perfect shot. There was advice on camera aperture, lighting, composition and colour coordination. It was the perfect introduction for our bloggers to learn some little tricks on how to flood their blogs with beautifully photographed images.


As the competition heated up, all this knowledge was put to the test when our bloggers had to artfully decorate their cakes ready to be photographed. In groups of 4, our bloggers headed off and, under the watchful eye of Mademoiselle Poirot, they produced some scrumptious snaps that would rival any cookbook you have sitting on your kitchen shelf.


Want to see these photos? Check out our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #BakedInStyle

Now who would we be if we denied our bloggers the chance to taste their lovely cakes? So after all that baking and snapping our bloggers sat down to enjoy their cakes with a cold glass of prosecco. And the cherry on top – they all went home with a tasty goody bag including a L’atelier des Chefs Gourmet Gift Card, so they can return to brush up their skills in one of our many classes.

Reckon your baking skills could melt the icy stare of Mr Hollywood? Why not enquire about our private Bake Off events for you and your friends?

Read more about the the #Bakedinstyle event and complete with some brilliant baking facts here :)

One of the advantages of being based in London, for foodies like us, is certainly the brilliant food and drinks culture around us. Here at L’atelier des Chefs we have the chance to experience it first-hand everyday with the delicious, world-inspired creations designed by our Chefs.

As London Cocktail Week bows out for another year. We have selected a couple of winning Cocktail & Canapé Pairings from our Chefs and resident mixologist.


Salmon Tartar, mint and cucumber salad in won ton cups. Add a little je ne sais quoi to your canapé selection with the exotic notes of this easy and yet sophisticated recipe. Our pairing suggestion is the classic Buck’s fizz with Grand Marnier – a Champagne based cocktail with orange and a splash with Grand Marnier.

Caramelised goat’s cheese crostini with frisee, pear and a walnut salad. The party season is approaching and we have a quick and sophisticated canapé for you. You will only need 10mins to complete this recipe from start to finish and move to the cocktail making fun! Enjoy your canapés while sipping our LDC signature cocktail.

Want to carry on the spirit of London Cocktail Week and bring it to the festive season? Plan a cooking and cocktails event with us for your Christmas Party! Call us on 020 7659 9969 or make an enquiry .

Keep Calm & Merry on,

L’atelier des Chefs team