What to expect from the L’atelier des Chefs Experience

The L’atelier des Chefs Experience

Upon arrival, you will receive a warm welcome from the L’atelier des Chefs Team, ready and waiting to check you in, and settle you into your cooking experience. Whilst waiting for your class there is the opportunity to relax and buy a glass of wine, release your inner Keith Floyd, and socialise with the other fellow foodies!

“It’s like an interactive Saturday Kitchen!”

What to expect during the class

-          Constant care and attention from your host.

-          The class size varies in numbers, anything from a one on one during our quieter periods, to a maximum of 12 – 20 depending on the type of class and day of the week.

-          An initial explanation from our professional chefs, taking you through the recipes step by step.

-          Following the chef’s detailed demonstration, you will be on a bench with a maximum of six people, have a chopping board each, and will share the tasks to prepare your menu from scratch.

-          You will learn lots of new tips and techniques throughout the class from our knowledgeable chefs – please feel free to pick their brains if you have any culinary questions!

Did you know that you can peel ginger with a teaspoon?!

-          Finally, you will all come together as a class to cook and plate up your meal, all overseen with constant guidance from the chef.

After your class

-          The Front of House Team will have prepared a dining table ready for you to take a seat, relax, and enjoy your cooking efforts as a class!

-          If you are in a rush too, there is also the opportunity to take your food home in our takeaway boxes.

-          You will be sent the recipes from the class within the following 24 hours ready for you to reproduce at home.

-          Take full advantage of our in store promotions, and special discounts on retail and gift cards after your class.

So there we have it, a quick guide to what to expect from your time with us at L’atelier des Chefs – we look forward to welcoming you soon!

Extra Info

Whilst we accept all abilities in the kitchen unfortunately due to health and safety reasons we’re unable to accept children under 14 in our kitchens for our regular public cookery classes, on their own or accompanied by an adult .

If they are between 14-16 we will need to consult a chef, please call 020 7499 6580 (Oxford Circus) or 020 7796 0110 (St Paul’s)  to enquire and we can check if they will allow them on the class.

However, periodically we will be running some special fun, creative and interactive Child & Parent classes (7-11 year olds) – 90 minutes (£58 duo ticket). Check out our upcoming classes online to see when we are next running a Child & Parent class.

“In cookery classes you get tips and advice you don’t get from books or videos!”

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