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Dahlia Chang Tang

Dahlia is one of our Chefs in the Oxford Circus venue and she joined our team in June 2013. Dahlia already knew she wanted to cook at the age of 6 when she told her parents she would be either a ballerina or a Chef! Since then she has worked in various countries and establishments and has joined our atelier to share with you her knowledge and delicious tips!

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Tell us a little about your experience as a chef

I was born in Montreal, Canada but lived most of my life in France and London. This is where my passion for food grew and that I decided to become a Chef. I was professionally trained in France and I worked for two 2 Michelin’ star restaurants. The first one in Vienne where I learned how to master pastry and baking and then in an establishment called ‘Jean-Paul Jeunet’ where I worked as a chef. Before settling down in London I moved back to Canada where I worked for five years in a well-established Italian restaurant. I developed a real interest for fresh and seasonal ingredients and Italian food in general.

What attracted you to teaching?

For me, food is all about sharing. I have learnt so much from my various travels and from the people I worked with that I started feeling the need to share my knowledge. I am truly passionate about cooking and good food and I love the opportunity to cook along with people who have the same interest then me!

What is your signature dish?

I do not have one particular signature dish. I am inspired by the seasons, what ingredients are available and what I feel like cooking. I am an adventurous cook and usually my best dishes are the ones that I have made spontaneously depending on what is available at home!

What is your favourite class to teach and why?

My favourite classes to teach are the Indian and Moroccan classes. The recipes we cook in these classes are great and an excellent opportunity to learn more about the world of spices. I am absolutely fascinated by spices and their power from medical properties to lifting flavours in a dish.

What advice do you have for budding chefs?

My best advice for anyone who would like to learn more about cooking is to experiment. To me this is the fun behind cooking! Always try new ingredients in a recipe and taste as you go. You will be amazed by the unique flavours you have created!