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Everyone loves Italian cuisine, but do you know how to cook it? Italian food offers some great fresh flavours and loads of variety, but most of us are guilty of getting takeaway pizza and using pasta sauce from a jar. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is far more enjoyable and personally satisfying to have a go at it yourself.

Quick, balanced and delicious recipes.

Our Italian classes start from 60 minutes long, enough time for you to whip up a delicious fresh pasta feast or a two course meal showcasing all the ingredients and flavours Italian cuisine is all about! You can really get to grips with new techniques, so if you’ve ever thought risottos were difficult or want to get your head around gnocchi, you’re sure to pick up something new.

Hands-on classes and skills for cooking every day.

Our cooking classes are put together to teach you the fundamentals of each type of cuisine, and the Italian class is no different. As well as using traditional Italian ingredients such as tomatoes, pancetta and pesto, you’ll learn classic recipes and get to practice them in a professional London kitchen. Have a browse through our upcoming classes and pick a menu you love!

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