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Learn to make your own burgers, sides and sauces!

There’s nothing like a succulent burger in a bun when you need something tasty and quick. Takeaway burgers might be a guilty pleasure, but if you’re worried about the quality of the ingredients, the answer is to learn to make your own! The burger recipes in our cooking classes use mince made from fantastic cuts of meat, mixed with herbs, spices, shallots, chilli and garlic. They’re the perfect way to enjoy a gourmet burger that’s both healthy and delicious.

Burger Extravaganza...
Our 90 minute burger workshop allows you to make the mince for your burger from a selection of cuts of beef or pork. You’ll also make a smoky barbecue sauce, spiced Cajun potato wedges and beer battered onion rings.

A Day out in London
Have a day out in London to attend a burger making class and you’ll gain the skills to make something a little different when you get home. Burgers are adaptable, so you might even be inspired to create your own recipes. Get in touch to unlock your creative side.

Make sure you arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of your class so you have plenty of time to get prepared, look around our extensive cookware shop and meet your Chef.

At the end of your class, take a sit in our convivial dining area, order a drink and enjoy the dishes you have prepared with your fellow cooks.

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