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Can't face going to a soulless and crowded restaurant? Not an expert cook? Can't decide what to cook to impress the woman or man of your dreams?

If you feel that the description above might as well be you, our cooking classes are an original alternative to spend this special day, enjoy some good food, have fun and learn something new! Our Chefs will teach you step by step delicious and top end dishes in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Once you have cooked your tasty creation you can sit down at our dining table and enjoy them with a glass of wine (or some bubbles! Why not? It’s Valentine’s Day after all!). Our Valentine's Day (Wednesday February 14th) schedule is:

Oxford Circus
Valentine's Mexican Tacos (13.00-13.30)
Valentine's Petits Fours (14.30-17.00)
Valentine's Spanish Paella & Tapas (18.00-19.30)
Valentine's Macaroons (18.00-20.30)

St Paul's
Valentine's Steak Lunch (11.30-12.30)
Valentine's Pad Thai (13.00-13.30)
Valentine's Macaroons (14.30-17.00)
Valentine's French Fine Dining (18.00-19.30)

Upcoming Classes

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