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When you see a professional chef with a knife in their hands, you can really appreciate their expertise and skill. How many of us have been mesmerised watching a professional chef on TV, even when they’re doing something as simple as dicing an onion or chopping some herbs? Now it’s your turn to master slicing, dicing and chopping your way to better home cooking!

Our three knife skills classes (chicken, fish and vegetables) cover everything you need to know both to handle a knife properly and look after it well. Every professional chef starts with knife skills training, and it’s important for home cooks to learn too. Learning to work properly with a knife not only gives you more control so you’re less likely to cut yourself but will also make you more efficient in the kitchen… excellent knife skills are undoubtedly an enviable skill!
Each of our Knife Skills class also equips you with the knowledge to properly look after and sharpen your knives and generally help make them last longer which is great if you have already made that initial (and often sizeable) investment on a good quality knife.

Vegetable Knife Skills

We’ll provide a selection of seasonal vegetables, herbs and spices and our chef will take you through each of the techniques before you take control and produce perfect julienne, brunoise and more! Our Vegetable Knife Skills class lasts 90 minutes and you’ll learn to make an assortment of dishes such as coleslaw, bruschetta and hummus!

Chicken Knife Skills.

As with our other skills classes, you’ll become well acquainted with the subject of this class. You’ll be provided with your own chicken to work with, and learn to joint and bone it in an efficient, waste free manner. Again, you will learn to make a meal with it; depending on the length of the class you will either prepare and cook it on the premises, or for shorter classes you will be able to take it home to finish cooking.

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