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How to joint a chicken : techniques de cuisine

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How to joint a chicken : les techniques des chefs

  • Follow this step by step guide to remove the wings, legs and breasts from a chicken. Start by cutting around one wing and then use the heel of your knife to break through the bone. Repeat to remove the second wing. Separate the legs from the body and cut around the thigh join. Break the joint by hand and then cut through with your knife. Separate the drumstick from the thigh by cutting through the joint. To remove the breasts, begin by cutting either side of the wishbone and pulling it out by hand. Cut along the central bone in the centre of the chicken and then cut away the breasts, leaving as little flesh as possible on the carcass. Cut through the wing joint and repeat on the other side. The chicken is now jointed and ready to cook. The carcass can be used to make a stock.