90 mn: Menu - Moroccan Friday 1 March 2019 at 15h00

Oxford Circus, London
Cours de cuisine à Oxford Circus, London, le Friday 1 March 2019 at 15h00
Spend 90 minutes in the kitchen with one of our professional chefs and they'll teach you some expert tips of the trade as you cook some fantastic food.

Recipes in this class

Spiced aubergine dip, Baba ghanoush.
Baba ghanoush, aubergine pulp spiced up with spices and tahini.
A classic hummous made from chick peas flavoured with tahini, lemon and garlic
Moroccan flatbreads
Unleavened flatbreads flavoured with cumin, fresh coriander and olive oil.
Butternut squash, courgette and chickpea tagine with saffron cous cous
Morrocan tagine of butternut squash and courgettes with saffron spiced cous cous.

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