3H: Masterclass - Bread Saturday 23 November 2019 at 14h30

St Paul's, London
Cours de cuisine à St Paul's, London, le Saturday 23 November 2019 at 14h30
Our 3hr hour lessons cover a variety of themes, such as bread making, designed to boost your culinary confidence and inspire you with new recipe ideas.

Recipes in this class

A basic white bread dough, suitable for rolling into loaves, buns or baguettes.
A simple bread dough, this recipe using dried fruits and nuts for a sweet finish
A Georgian bread boat, filled with 3 cheeses and a cracked egg.
An Indian naan bread flavoured with yogurt and black onion seeds
A classic pesto made traditionally in a pestle and mortar
An Egyptian side dish perfect for using as a dip with bread or crudites. Made with sesame, coriander and cumin seeds, hazelnuts and a little salt.

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