L'atelier des Chefs cooking classes - Canapes: Vanilla Panna Cotta With Rhubarb And Strawberry Compote

Canapes: Vanilla panna cotta with rhubarb and strawberry compote

Mini vanilla panna cotta shots served with a rhubarb and strawberry compote.

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Preparation time
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Ingredients (To serve 6)

  • Semi-skimmed milk 5 ml
  • Gelatine leave(s) 2g 3.5 whole
  • Double cream 82 ml
  • Icing sugar 150 g
  • Vanilla pod(s) 1 whole
  • Lemon(s) 1 whole

For the sauce

  • Rhubarb 100 g
  • Strawberries 100 g
  • Caster sugar 25 g

Chef's tip

"Try making this recipe with other flavours of compote such as raspberry, passionfruit etc!"


Serves 20.

Split the vanilla pod and scrape out the seeds. Zest the lemon. Wash the rhubarb and cut into 1cm pieces. Wash, hull and quarter the strawberries.

Soak the gelatine leaves in the milk. Place the cream, icing sugar, vanilla seeds and the lemon zest in a saucepan and simmer for 2 minutes. Add the gelatine mixture and cook for 2 minutes. Strain and pour into shot glasses to set overnight.

For the compote: cook the rhubarb in a little water and caster sugar to taste. Once soft, add the strawberries and cook for 5 minutes. Check the sugar contect. Blitz the compote with a blender for a couple of seconds, don't over-blitz as you want to keep a little bite!

Pour over the set panna cotta before serving.

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