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Tempura of chocolate truffles Recipe

Ingredients for people

  • Tempura flour : 300 g
  • Corn starch : 100 g
  • Sparkling water : 500 ml
  • Frying oil : 500 ml
  • 1

    Boil the double cream and then pour over the pieces of chocolate.

  • 2

    Mix well and allow the mixture to thicken. Place in the fridge to cool.

  • 3

    Mix the flour, corn starch and sparkling water together to make a relatively thick batter.

  • 4

    Remove the ganache from the fridge.

  • 5

    Use a spoon to make small balls of chocolate ganache and then roll them through the tempura batter.

  • 6

    Heat the cooking oil in a frying pan. Add the chocolate balls and cook for about a minute or until they turn a nice golden colour.

  • 7

    Remove from the oil and place on some kitchen roll to drain away some of the grease.

  • 8

    Enjoy while warm!

Chef's tip

«It is essential that the ganache is cool, the oil not too hot and the tempura not too liquid!»

Chocolate truffles encased in batter. Crunchy on the outside, warm and melted in the centre..delicious!

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  • Preparation  30mins
  • Cooking time  0h
  • Rest time  0h