Marsalla and vanilla rice pudding with poached nectarines Recipe

Marsalla and vanilla rice pudding with poached nectarines Recipe

Creamy rice pudding flavoured with oranges, lemon, vanilla and Marsalla wine served with delicately poached Nectarine slices.

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Les ingrédients

Pour people
  • Arborio rice : 100 g
  • Semi-skimmed milk : 400 ml
  • Double cream : 200 ml
  • Caster sugar : 40 g
  • Vanilla pod(s) : 1 whole
  • Orange(s) : 1 whole
  • Lemon(s) : 1 whole
  • Grated nutmeg : 2 g
  • Sultana(s) : 75 g
  • Marsala wine : 150 ml
  • For the fruit
  • Nectarine(s) : 2 whole
  • Dry white wine : 200 ml
  • Orange(s) : 1 whole
  • Soft brown sugar : 100 g
  • Vanilla pod(s) : 1 whole
  • Cinnamon stick(s) : 1 whole



    Remove the seeds from the vanilla pod. Cut the nectarines into 6 or 8 wedges. Discard the stone.

    Juice the oranges and add the juice to the white wine. Bring this to the boil with the brown sugar. Add the nectarine wedges, the vanilla seeds and pod and the cinnamon stick. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook the fruit for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the ripeness of the nectarine. Remove from the heat and keep to one side.


    Split the vanilla pod and scrape out the seeds. Zest the orange and the lemon.
    Soak the sultanas in the Marsala wine for 10 minutes.
    Bring the milk and double cream to the boil. Add the rice, vanilla, sugar, grated nutmeg, sultanas and Marsala. Reduce the heat to a simmer and finally add the orange and lemon zest.
    Cook the rice pudding for about 40 minutes, stirring occasionally to make sure it is not catching to the bottom of the saucepan.
    The rice is cooked when the rice is soft and most of the liquid has been absorbed.

    The rice pudding should be liquid so add a splash more milk if necessary.

    To serve: Spoon the rice pudding into a bowl and serve the nectarines on top with a generous drizzle of the cooking liquor.

Chef's tip

«Vary the fruits in this dish according to the season. Poached dried prunes in Winter make an excellent alternative.»

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