Fruity sticky rice Recipe

A sweet dish of sticky rice and packed with dried fruit, orange zest, cinnamon and served with caramel sauce and fresh orange segments.

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Les ingrédients

Pour people
  • Part one of the recipe
  • Sticky rice : 600 g
  • Water : 500 ml
  • Part two of the recipe
  • Fresh date(s) : 125 g
  • Raisin(s) : 50 g
  • Dried cranberries : 50 g
  • Orange(s) : 1 whole
  • Caster sugar : 25 g
  • Ground cinnamon : 0 g
  • Part three of the recipe
  • Unsalted butter : 50 g
  • Dark soft brown sugar : 100 g
  • Double cream : 2000 ml



    Wash the rice under cold running water until it runs clear. Place in a pan with 500ml water and bring to the boil. Cook over a high heat for 15 minutes then reduce the heat to very low and continue cooking for a further 3 minutes. Remove from the heat and fluff up using a spatula.


    Chop the dates so that they are about the same size as the raisins. Heat a wok over a medium heat, add the butter and allow to melt. Add the rice, dates, raisins, cranberries and sugar to the pan. Stir and then zest in the orange and the cinnamon. Combine well and then remove from the heat.

    Line six ramekins with with a little softened butter and then fill with the sticky rice mixture. Place in a bamboo steamer over a pan of simmering water and steam for 3 to 4 minutes.


    Place the butter, sugar and cream in a saucepan, bring to the boil and mix well.

  • 4. TO SERVE

    Segment the orange that was zested into the rice.

    Turn the rice out on to serving plates and then spoon the sauce over the top. Arrange the orange segments around the plate and serve immediately.

Chef's tip

«If you can't get hold of sticky rice feel free to use jasmine rice but take extra care when turning the mixture out of the ramekins.»

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