Coq au vin with rice Recipe

French-style braised chicken cooked with wine, mushrooms and bacon, served with basmati rice.

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Les ingrédients

Pour people
  • For the meat
  • Chicken breast(s) - skin on : 6 whole
  • Smoked bacon cube(s) : 100 g
  • Banana shallot(s) : 6 whole
  • White button mushroom(s) : 300 g
  • Garlic clove(s) : 2 whole
  • Olive oil : 20 ml
  • Fresh thyme : 4 sprig
  • Red wine : 375 ml
  • Maldon salt : 3 pinch(es)
  • Chicken stock : 100 ml
  • Bay : 1 leaf
  • Unsalted butter : 30 g
  • For the rest of the recipe
  • Basmati rice : 200 g
  • Water : 4000 ml



    Preheat the oven to 180'C.

    Peel and finely slice the shallots and garlic. Wash and slice the mushrooms.
    Season the chicken on both sides then place in a hot pan with the olive oil, skin side down. When golden brown turn over and cook for a further 1 minute before tranferring to a roasting tray. Cook in the oven for around 8 minutes depending on the size of the breast. Then remove from the oven and rest.

    Put the chicken pan back on the heat with half of the butter and bacon lardons. Cook for 3-4 minutes until they start to turn golden brown. Then add the shallot and garlic and cook for a couple more minutes.
    Add the bay leaf and thyme. Turn the heat up high then add the wine and reduce by half. Then add the chicken stock and again reduce by half.
    Remove from the heat, add the chopped parsley and whisk in the cold diced butter. Check and adjust the seasoning. Then mix any resting juices from the chicken roasting tray straight into the sauce.


    Wash the rice in a sieve under the cold tap until the water runs clear. Place the water and rice in a pan and bring to the boil, stir then cover with a lid and turn the heat down. Allow to cook for 8 minutes. Then remove from the heat and 'fork' through to allow the rice to fluff up. Season.

  • 3. TO PLATE

    Put a neat pile of rice on one side of the plate, staying away from the rims. Slice the chicken breast into 5 pieces on an angle and arrange in a fan shape next to the rice.
    Pour the sauce over the rice and around the plate.

Chef's tip

«To make the flavour more intense or if you wish to start preparing a day in advance, slice the shallot and garlic and leave in a large bowl with chicken, herbs and wine. Mix well and leave to marinade overnight. »

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