Italian style salad with sweetcorn, tomatoes and balsamic Recipe

A crisp salad of peppery summer leaves with crisp sweetcorn, vine tomatoes, torn basil and a simple balsamic dressing.

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Pour people
  • Part one of the recipe
  • Salad crisp sweetcorn (140g) : 1 whole
  • Sainsbury's Italian salad (100g) : 1 whole
  • Cherry tomatoes on the vine : 2 sprig
  • Garlic clove(s) : 1 whole
  • Basil : 0.5 bunch
  • Cucumber(s) : 0.5 whole
  • Spring onion(s) : 1 whole
  • Maldon salt : 3 pinch(es)
  • Freshly ground black pepper : 3 Turn
  • Olive oil : 3 Tbsp
  • Balsamic vinegar : 1 Tbsp


  • ETAPE 1

    Cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Peel the cucumber. Cut in half lengthways and scrape out the seeds and cut into chunks.
    Crush the garlic. Thinly slice the spring onions.
    Mix the cucumber, garlic, tomatoes and spring onions together in a bowl and season with Maldon sea salt. Leave for 5 minutes for the salt to extract the juices from the vegetables and then stir in the balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Add some black pepper and tear in the basil leaves.

  • ETAPE 2

    Drain the sweetcorn??
    Mix the sweetcorn with the salad leaves and place in a bowl. Spoon the tomatoes, cucumber and dressing on top and toss the salad to incorporate all of the ingredients.

  • ETAPE 3

    Serve immediately.

Chef's tip

«Use only Green Giant sweetcorn as this is the best and crispiest on the market!»

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