Peach melba cupcakes Recipe

A delicious and easy to follow recipe for a lactose free cupcake.

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Les ingrédients

Pour people
  • Lactofree spreadable : 250 g
  • Caster sugar : 250 g
  • Self raising flour : 250 g
  • Whole egg(s) : 4 whole
  • Baking powder : 1 Tsp
  • Fresh raspberries : 50 g
  • Red food colour powder : 3 g
  • For the filling
  • Peach(s) : 3 g
  • Dry white wine : 100 ml
  • Caster sugar : 50 g
  • For the icing
  • Icing sugar : 250 g
  • Lactofree soft cheese : 100 g
  • Lactofree spreadable : 150 g
  • Red food colour powder : 3 g
  • For the garnish(es)
  • Peach(s) : 2 g
  • Fresh raspberries : 50 g



    Preheat the oven to 180'C.

    Place cupcake cases into silicone or tin moulds.

    Whisk together the spreadable and sugar until light and creamy. Add one egg at a time and combine well. Sift the flour and the baking powder into the mixture and gently fold together. Add the colouring and mix gently. Finally add the fresh raspberries and mix well.

    Spoon the mixture into the cupcake cases and transfer to the oven and bake for 12 to 14 minutes.

    Remove from the oven and leave to cool before icing and filling.


    Cut the peaches in half and remove the stone. Cut the peaches into 1cm cubes.

    Place the sugar into a saucepan and cook on a low heat until it turns into a dark caramel. At this stage, remove the pan from the heat and add the peaches. Mix the peaches and the caramel together. Finally add the white wine and put the pan back onto the heat. Continuously stir the mixture for one minute on a medium heat until the peaches have softened.

    Remove the mixture and allow it to cool.

    Remove a small section of the cake using a small knife. Fill the hole with the peach compote.


    Sieve the icing sugar.

    Whisk the icing sugar, the cream cheese and the spreadable together with the food colouring until it is a smooth mixture.

    Place the icing into a piping bag with a star nozzle attachment

    Pipe the icing on top of the cupcakes, starting from the outside of the cake working your way into the centre.


    Cut the raspberries in half.

    Cut the peach in half and remove the stone. Cut the peach into 6 chunky slices. Using a blow torch, blacken the peach slices.

    Place the raspberries and the peaches neatly on top of the cupcake.

Chef's tip

«Always use disposable piping bags when using mixtures which have food colouring in, as the colourings can dye fabric piping bags.»

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