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Quick Labneh with olive oil and za'atar Recipe

Ingredients for people

  • Greek yogurt : 500 g
  • Dried thyme : 3 g
  • Toasted sesame seeds : 20 g
  • Sumac spice : 1 g
  • Dried oregano : 2 g
  • Cumin seed(s) : 1 Tsp
  • Olive oil : 30 ml
  • Maldon salt : 6 pinch(es)
  • 1For the Labneh

    Place the Greek yoghurt in a muslin cloth and tie a knot.
    sit in a colander at room temperature and allow to drain for at least 1 1/2 hours.
    lightly squeeze to drain off as much moisture as possible.

  • 2For the Za'atar

    in a mortar and pestle, grind the cumin seeds and dried herbs and sumac, add the sea salt and the sesame seeds and mix

  • 3To serve

    Scrape the Labneh from the muslin, serve in a bowl with the olive oil and za'atar sprinkled on top.
    Serve with flatbread

Chef's tip

«The wetter the Yoghurt the longer that it will take to drain of the excess water. For a classic labneh, allow to drain for at least 24 hours and you will get a cream cheese-like texture which can be molded and marinated.»

A delicious nutritious alternative to sour cream or cream cheese.

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  • Preparation  5mins
  • Cooking time  1hr45
  • Rest time  0h