Roast Cod with Clams and Smoked Bacon Recipe

Roast Cod with Clams and Smoked Bacon  Recipe

A classic gastor pub dish, roasted fillet of cod which is finished off cooked in a broth of smoked bacon and clam.

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Les ingrédients

Pour people
  • For the fish
  • Cod steak(s) 150g : 6 whole
  • Maldon salt : 2 pinch(es)
  • Baby potato(es) : 600 g
  • For the garnish(es)
  • Pancetta : 150 g
  • Shallot(s) : 2 whole
  • Fresh thyme : 6 sprig
  • Dry white wine : 150 ml
  • Clam(s) : 1000 g
  • To serve
  • Flat leaf parsley : 0.25 bunch



    Wash the potatoes, then in a large pot cover with cold salted water and bring to the boil.
    Reduce the heat to a simmer for 20 minutes and cook until tender.

    Drain the potatoes and when they are cool enough to handle, slice into thick slices, reserve.


    Wash the clams thoroughly under cold running water, changing the bowl 2-3 times to get rid of any grit.

    Cut the pancetta into lardons, finely dice the shallots, pick the parsley and coarsley chop.

    Lightly season the cod with salt.
    Heat a large thick based pan untill moderately hot, add the cooking oil and roast skin side down for 2 - 3 minutes or until nicely coloured.

    Turn over and repeat on flesh side.
    Remove and leave to stand on a plate until broth is ready.

    Add the lardons over a medium heat to the pan that you roasted the cod, cook until they just start to turn golden brown, stirring to pick up the caramelization from the bottom of the pan.

    Add the diced shallots and thyme and continue cooking for 2 minutes until the shallots have softened.

    Turn the heat to high and add the white wine. When boiled, add the clams and cover with a lid for 2-3 minutes until the clams have opened.

  • 3. TO SERVE

    Place the sliced potatoes in the bottom of a main course bowl.

    Place the roasted cod in the pot with the clams and allow to finish cooking and warm through in the broth.

    Using a slotted spoon, remove the cod and some clam and bacon stew and top the sliced potatoes, pour over some of the broth and finish with chopped parsley.

Chef's tip

«When using clams, always under season your fish and potatoes and just check the flavour before serving as they can be quite salty depending where they are from. Many chefs will not season fish with pepper, as it can dominate the flavours of the dish.»

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