Beef Japchae Korean stir fried noodle Recipe

A true Korean favourite, sweet potato noodle, stir fried with beef and vegetables

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Les ingrédients

Pour people
  • Dried noodles : 250 g
  • Caster sugar : 40 g
  • Dark soy sauce : 40 ml
  • Garlic clove(s) : 2 whole
  • Dried wild mushroom(s) : 10 g
  • Beef fillet : 180 g
  • Sesame oil : 40 cl
  • Baby spinach leave(s) : 200 g
  • Spring onion(s) : 4 whole
  • Onion(s) : 1 whole
  • Carrot(s) : 1 whole
  • Red pepper(s) : 1 whole
  • Button mushroom(s) : 20 g
  • Freshly ground black pepper : 2 Turn
  • Groundnut oil : 50 ml
  • Toasted sesame seeds : 30 g



    Cover dried mushrooms with cold water and bring to boil, remove from heat and leave to rehydrate and soften for 10 mins. When cool, roughly slice Mushrooms and discard liquid.
    Finely chop garlic.
    Slice button mushrooms, pepper, carrot, spring onion and onion.
    Keep separate.

    Slice Beef and add a tablespoon of the soy sauce, sesame oil, cooled sliced mushrooms.
    Bring pan of water to boil and add baby spinach for 10- 15 seconds.

    Remove spinach and place in cold water. Once cold, squeeze out excess water from spinach and roughly chop leave in a bowl until needed.
    Boil water and cook noodles, stir to prevent sticking and simmer for 5 - 7 mins, they will be soft but still chewy.
    Remove and place in bowl with chilled spinach, roughly cut with some scissors.

    Season noodle mix by adding remaining sesame oil, soy sauce and sugar and mix well.
    In a wok, fry off onions, peppers, carrots, button mushrooms and spring onions until just softened. mix in bowl with noodles.

    Use same pan to cook off beef to your liking, add to noodle bowl and mix all ingredients thoroughly.

  • 2. TO FINISH

    Place cooked noodles on plate and sprinkle a sesame seeds over the top.

Chef's tip

«Chicken or pork can be used in place of beef or perhaps add some sprouting broccoli or cabbage and keep it all vegan. »

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