Pintxos: Gilda, Mushroom and garlic prawns, Quail eggs with Serrano ham Recipe

Small bites of heaven for any occasion. Perfect match with a glass of wine or a cold beer.

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Les ingrédients

Pour people
  • Part one of the recipe
  • Sweet guindilla pepper : 6 whole
  • Pitted green olive(s) : 12 g
  • Anchovies in oil : 6 whole
  • Part two of the recipe
  • Large mushroom(s) : 6 whole
  • King prawn(s) without shell : 12 whole
  • Garlic clove(s) : 2 whole
  • Red chilli(s) : 1 whole
  • Ciabatta : 1 whole
  • Olive oil : 20 ml
  • Flat leaf parsley : 1 bunch
  • Coarse salt : 5 g
  • Part three of the recipe
  • Quail's egg(s) : 6 whole
  • Slices of Serrano ham : 6 whole
  • Plum tomato(es) : 3 whole
  • Garlic clove(s) : 1 whole
  • Fine salt : 2 pinch(es)



    For the Gilda pintxo:
    Place all the ingredients into a bamboo skewer following the next order: Olive, guindilla pepper, anchovy and olive.

    Place the skewer in a bowl or plate and drizzle with olive oil.


    for the mushroom pintxo:

    preheat the oven at 180C
    Finely chop the parsley
    Peel the mushroom and remove the stalks.
    Peel the garlic and finely dice.
    Cut the chilli in half , remove the seeds and slice it.
    Cut the bread into 2cm slices.

    Bring a pan to a high heat with no oil , when hot put the mushroom in a drizzle with oil, allow the mushroom to get a nice caramelised colour and remove them from the pan.

    Line the bread into a baking tray and put one mushroom per slice of bread, cook in the oven for 7 to 10 min.
    While the bread is in the oven bring the same pan used for the mushroom to a high heat, drizzle some oil and cook the prawns for around 2 min until the change colour , put the garlic,chillies and salt and cook for a further 30sec continuously stiring.

    to serve:

    Place two prawns in a bamboo skewer and skewer it into the mushroom and toast.

    Line them on a plate a garnish with the chopped parsley


    For the quail egg pintxo:
    Cut tomatoes into 2cm cubes
    Using a pestle and mortar crush the garlic with the salt to create a paste .
    Add the tomatoes to the pestle and mortar and crush them together with the garlic paste.

    Spread the tomatoes mix over the bread slices and top them with a folded slice of the serrano ham per each bread.

    Transfer to a baking tray and cook in the oven for 7 to 10 min.

    While the bread is cooking bring a pan to a medium heat and drizzle some olive oil,crack the quail eggs using a small paring knife and cook them until all the white is cooked but making sure the yolk remains liquid.

    to serve:

    Line the toasts in a plate and top them with the quail eggs, garnish the pintxo with the chopped parsley

Chef's tip

«Pintxo is the word used in the Basque Country to call this small bites. Gilda is the most famous in the Basque Country but the possibilities with pintxos are endless. Feel free to create your own pintxos mixing any flavour you like.»

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