Onigirazu of smoked salmon and sweet Japanese omelette with wakame salad. Recipe

Japanese Sushi sandwich with a sea weed salad, rather popular in take-away sushi shops, however, it is very simple to make at home.

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Les ingrédients

Pour people
  • Part one of the recipe
  • Japanese sushi rice : 500 g
  • Rice wine vinegar : 100 cl
  • Caster sugar : 75 g
  • Maldon salt : 15 pinch(es)
  • Water : 550 cl
  • Part two of the recipe
  • Nori leave(s) : 6 whole
  • Salmon fillet(s) : 4 whole
  • Whole egg(s) : 6 whole
  • Mirin : 10 ml
  • Soy sauce : 10 ml
  • Maldon salt : 2 pinch(es)
  • Caster sugar : 20 g
  • Wood chips : 100 g
  • Baby gem lettuce(s) : 1 whole
  • Part three of the recipe
  • Wakame seaweed : 60 g
  • Carrot(s) : 2 whole
  • Red chilli(s) : 1 whole
  • Soy sauce : 50 cl
  • Rice wine vinegar : 50 cl
  • Caster sugar : 10 g
  • Sesame vinegar : 30 ml
  • Spring onion(s) : 3 whole
  • White sesame seeds : 5 g
  • Black sesame seeds : 5 g



    To make the seasoning, place the vinegar, sugar and salt in a saucepan, bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer and stir until the ingredients are dissolved.

    Place the rice in a colander and wash thoroughly under cold running water. Leave the rice to soak in a saucepan with the 550ml of water for 30 minutes.

    Bring the rice to the boil and then reduce to a low simmer. Cover with a lid and cook without stirring for 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and set aside, covered, for another 10 minutes.

    Place the rice in a large bowl. Pour the vinegar seasoning over the rice and mix the seasoning through the rice. Continue turning the rice for a couple of minutes. Cover with a damp cloth and leave to cool to room temperature before serving.


    Place the wood-chips in the bottom of your smoker. Place the salmon on the food rack and slide the lid until it is nearly shut.

    Place the smoker over a moderate heat until wisps of smoke start to appear. Once the smoking has started, close the lid completely. Leave on a low heat to smoke for 8 minutes. When the time is up, remove the lid from the smoker and allow the salmon to cool.

    Mix together the salt, soya, mirin and sugar .Slightly beat the eggs and add them to the soya and mirin mix..

    In a non stick pan over a medium heat add your eggs mixture creating a thin layer covering the whole surface of the pan , wait until little bubbles forms on the top of your egg mixture and flip your omelette, cook for further 20sec , take it off the heat and allow to cool slightly.Cut with a square metal mould making sure to get 6 portions.

    Wash the lettuce and remove the core, leaving the leaves whole.


    Soak the wakame seaweed in warm water, and set aside until needed.

    Top and tail the carrot, and peel. Using a mandoline or a sharp knife, cut the carrots into thin slices, then into a fine julienne.

    Wash and trim the spring onions. Remove the outer layer if necessary. Slice the spring onions thinly on the diagonal. Set aside in a bowl of cold water.

    In a mixing bowl, whisk together the Yutaka soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, caster sugar and sesame oil.

    If your sesame seeds are not toasted, place them into a dry pan, and heat until they become fragrant and golden brown.

    Drain the wakame seaweed, and squeeze out any excess water. Mix the carrot julienne, drizzle with dressing. Toss until well coated, and taste for seasoning.

    Sprinkle with the toasted sesame seeds and spring onions.

  • 4. TO SERVE

    Lay the nori on a chopping board, using a square metal mold layer the ingredients in the following order:
    rice, salmon, omelette, lettuce and rice .
    Remove the metal mould and fold the filling on your sushi nori.
    Cut the sandwich in half corner to corner .

    Serve with the wakame salad on the side

Chef's tip

«One of the most traditional filling for this sandwich is Spam meat, but the possibilities are endless. Try any filling you like!!»

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