Yuzu dressed spinach and mushrooms Recipe

A simple salad of shmedgie mushrooms cooked in a dashi stock and dressed with blanched spinach and a yuzu dressing.

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Les ingrédients

Pour people
  • Spinach leave(s) : 200 g
  • Shiméji : 200 g
  • Dashi : 5 g
  • Mirin : 15 ml
  • Soy sauce : 30 ml
  • Yuzu juice : 15 ml
  • Orange(s) : 1 whole


  • ETAPE 1

    Bring a pot of lightly salted water to the boil.
    Wash the spinach leaves in cold water and trim off any brown stalks.

    Tear the mushrooms into single stalks.

  • ETAPE 2

    Blanch the spinach in the boiling water for 30 seconds and refresh in cold water. Once cool, drain well and cut across the stalk.
    Create a stock with the dashi, mirin and soy and blanch the mushrooms in this for 1-2 minutes. Leave to cool.
    Now strain the mushrooms, mix with the spinach, add the yuzu and garnish with a little orange zest.

Chef's tip

«The mushrooms can be changed for another variety, just the cooking time may vary. »

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